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This page contains all of the information you will require for participating in the SAUWS 2018 Elections. The SAUWS elections are for all students - those that are involved or not so involved in our activities. Our positions and the training that we give can be vehicles that students can use to increase future employment opportunities. If you have a passion, want to develop your skills and think you can make a difference to our 15000 students, then we want you to nominate yourself. If you want to discuss any of the positions below privately, please contact membership@sauws.org.uk

What are the Elections?

As defined in our constitution, SAUWS is a democractic membership lead organisation. As such our members get the opportunity every year to elect the student leaders for the following academic year. There are different positions up for grab which are split into three categories:

  • Sabbatical Officers
  • Volunteer Officers
  • NUS Delegates

Sabbatical Officers are paid a salary of £16,352 per anum to represent students full time. They take a year out of there studies (or a maximum of two) or at the end of their studies in order to be a student leader of SAUWS. Being a Sabbatical Officer grants the position holder access to training and expeirence which can help improve their future employment opportunities. They will also form part of the SAUWS Board of Trustees which holds the charity in trust and decides how the Students' Association's million pound income is spent. SAUWS has four sabbatical positions and you can find out more about them in the list of positions section below. 

Volunteer Officers represent a specific University constituency. You can find out more about these in the list of positions section below. Volunteer officers perform their roles whilst still studying for their qualification. They are not paid, but they do get their expenses re-imbursed and like the sabbatical officers, get access to training that helps improve their future employment opportunities. 

NUS Delegates represent the views of students at UWS to the National Union of Students, at a Scottish and UK level. At the conferences, delegates will have the chance to shape policy for our national unions, which in turn sets the priorities for each organisation and their government lobbying. All delegates to NUS need to remember that they represent the views of all the students at UWS and as such must obey voting mandates issued by the Student Voice Committee

NUS operates gender balacing at its conferences, this means that we have:

  • Four women's places and three open places for NUS Scotland Conference
  • Two women's places and three open places for NUS UK Conference. 

NUS Scotland Conference will be held in Dunblane from the 15th to the 16th March 2018

NUS UK Conference will be held in Glasgow from the 27th to the 29th of April 2018

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What's different this year?

Students may recall that the Students' Association recently changed its constitution and officer structure to being a structure with four Presidents. For practical reasons, this has proven to be a challenge to the organisation and as a result, the SAUWS Board of Trustees has reverted the structure back to a President and three Vice-Presidents. The existing President of Student Support role has been removed and has been rolled into the President remit. This is because the SAUWS Board feel that the student support should be at the centre of what we do. 

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List of positions

Sabbatical Officers

Volunteer Officers


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Key Dates





Nominations Open

29th January 2018

12:00 noon 

Nominations for the elections open

Nominations Close

Friday 16th February 2018

12:00 noon

Nominations for the elections close

Candidate Briefing

Friday 16th February 2018


All candidates must attend the briefing. They can do so in person in Paisley Union (level 2) or online. 

Publicity Deadline

Monday 19th February 2018

12:00 noon

Deadline for the receipt of publicity for printing

Polling Opens

5th March 2018


Voting in the elections begins

Polling Closes

8th March 2018


Voting in the elections ends

Elections Tribunal

9th March 2018

12:00 noon

The Elections Tribunal will hear any complaints regarding conduct during the election, and will formally approve the ballots before the results are announced. 

Election Results

9th March 2018


Election results will be announced at Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association

NUS Scotland Conference

15th-16th March 2018


NUS Scotland Conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Dunblane

NUS UK Conference

27th-29th March 2018


NUS UK Conference will be held in The SEC Armadillo, Glasgow

Sabbatical handover period

25th-29th June 2018


Formal handover period for sabbatical officers. Incoming officers will be expected to shadow the outgoing officers for one week. This week is paid. 


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Re-Open Nominations

Re-Open Nominations, or RON is a mechanism which is allowed within the Students' Association's elections. RON is treated as a candidate in the election and in the event that RON wins, the election will be recalled and members will get the chance to nominate other person(s) for the role that was being elected. This means that there can be no uncontested elections within the Students' Association. 

RON is only voted for where the electorate (the students) feel that none of the other candidates are suitable. 

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Voting is now open! You will need to log into the website, using your standard log in, to Vote. 

If your password is not working - you need to have this reset by ITDS. 

Sabbatical, Executive Committee and NUS Delegation Election 2018 No elections are currently running

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More information

If you have any questions about the election, please contact Claire Lumsden, Depute returning officer on 0141 849 4165 or email membership@sauws.org.uk . All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence. 

If you would like to make a complaint about the election please download and complete the Elections Complaint Form

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