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This By-election will open on the 15th November


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The Union Chair is elected by all students at UWS to be their voice and to hold the elected officers accountable for the decisions that they make. The position is used to ensure that the Students' Association's decision making processes are as transparent as possible, and to this end the Union Chair is enabled to sit on any committee of the Students' Association which is not discussing reserved business. 

The Constitution requires that the Union Chair performs the following functions:

The Union Chair shall:

• be responsible for the organisation, promotion and chairing of the Student Council and General Meetings.

• liaise with the student body to hold the elected officers to account. 

• be able to question the elected officers on behalf of members of the Association

• ensure that the Association’s decision making is open, transparent and democratic. 

• have the right to attend and observe any meeting held within the Association, but shall not have voting rights, save for any areas of reserved business. 

In addition, the Union Chair also chairs the Student Council committee, which discusses policies and motions that direct the work of the Students' Association.


If you have any complaints about this election please fill in this form and send it to


More information about the role:  Role Description By Election Rules  


No elections are currently running


If you have any questions please contact:

Sabina Lawrie 

Call: 01418494419 


Office: Students’ Association Paisley, 4th floor.



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