What are STAR groups?

STAR groups are Students Taking Action and Representing and are a collection of liberation groups and peer support groups.  STAR groups were set up to counter under-represented sections of the student body and reflect the diversity of our students to ensure equality and a safe space for all our members.


What are the Different STAR groups and what do they do?

In an attempt to encourage participation throughout the student body the following groups were formed:  Women’s group, Black students group, LGBTQ group, Disabled students group, Post-graduate students group, mature students group, part-time students group and international students group.  STAR groups raise awareness, campaign, fundraise and represent students who fall into these groups.


Who can join the STAR groups?

Each STAR group is open to any students who self define themselves as belonging to that group, for example if you are a woman you can join the women’s group, if you are a part-time student you can join that group etc.  Furthermore each group has the autonomy to organise events and activities as they see fit and have a budget in order to do this.


Why should I join?

Being part of a STAR group is a great experience, you can meet people with similar interests as you and can help you to make friends.  It can also give you experience of dealing with different organisations, it can improve you communication skills and can help improve your social skills.  It also looks good on your CV and you could make a real difference to wider society by getting involved in activities.


How can I get involve with a STAR group?

If you would like to get involved or would like more information on any of the groups please feel free to contact Blane Abercrombie on president@sauws.org.uk.



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