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Bucket Collection Volunteer for Diabetes Week

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Monday 10th - Sunday 16th June 2019

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Role Description

Diabetes Scotland are looking for students to help run charity bucket collections and raise awareness of diabetes at UWS for Diabetes Week 2019.
If you can spare a few hours during Diabetes Week (10 – 16 June) then come and help us fundraise!

The theme of this year’s campaign is stigma. We know that talking about diabetes isn’t always easy, but a good conversation can be really useful, whether that’s with your healthcare team, friends and family, colleagues or even people you’ve just met and all these conversations will help to tackle and break down misunderstandings and stigma around diabetes.

Diabetes Week is all about creating awareness of the condition and encouraging people to share their experiences of living with diabetes. Many groups and organizations take part in diabetes week, hosting a wide variety of informative and fund raising events. If you’d like to develop your bucket collection into an awareness event, we can help!

We can provide the materials you will need including a Diabetes UK tshirt to wear and a pay in slip to use when sending your donations in to us at a local bank branch.


About this organisation

Diabetes affects more people than any other serious health condition in the UK. More than cancer and dementia combined. Diabetes UK is the leading UK charity for people affected by diabetes, leading the fight against this growing crisis. This fight involves all of us – sharing knowledge and taking diabetes on together. Our vision is a world where diabetes can do no harm, but we can’t achieve that without people like you.

Your support is so important because right now, there are 4.7 million people in the UK with diabetes. In Scotland alone over 295,700 people are living with diabetes and an estimated 36,000 are living with Type 2 undiagnosed.

The money you raise will mean people with diabetes can keep getting the information, advice and support they need, we can keep campaigning for better care, and our scientists can keep finding new ways to treat diabetes, prevent it and one day cure it.


What could you gain?

We will acknowledge all your support with a formal letter of thanks rom our charity and your local Regional Fundraiser will be able to help promote your activities on social media.

This opportunity can also be developed into a regular campaigning and fundraising role for the charity. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a Regional Ambassador for Diabetes UK and we can help to arrange an application and interview for this, as well as training and development, including public speaking.



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Saturday 8th June 2019 - Sunday 9th June 2019

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