SAUWS in partnership with the UWS are passionate about student representation. The rep system we have enables students’ voices to be heard by the university. This is really important to us because students are the experts on their own learning experience! Our team is made up of student reps, elected officers and a wee team of SAUWS support staff.

Student reps are the vital link between staff and students. Reps have a direct link to student’s views on learning and teaching, and our representation systems gives reps many opportunities to have dialogue with staff. For example, student reps sit on Staff-Student Liaison Groups (SSLGs), Programme Boards and School Boards to name but a few. The student rep team is currently made up of an impressive 443 amazing students who volunteer to make a difference to your university. You can find out who your rep is by asking your programme leaders.

However, every great team needs leadership and here at SAUWS we hold annual elections to choose who our Sabbatical Officers are going to be. Sabbatical Officers work full time to represent your interests, and often sit on a dizzying number of committees to make sure that they are always around to represent students. Each campus also elects a volunteer officers, to ensure that all of the different campuses are represented. The final set of officers who complete our team are Liberation Officers who represent any of our students who self-identify as belonging to a group which has not yet achieved full liberation. You can meet the current team here.

We also hold Student Council meetings four times per academic year. These meetings are open to all students, not just reps can include discussions on SAUWS, education and NUS issues. You can find out more here.

If you want to get involved you can read about how to become a rep and other ways to engage here.

If you want more information you can read the ten aims of the student representation system here.


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