The Learning and Teaching Experience

The learning and teaching experience can be described as your total academic experience at university.  Everything you learn, the way you learn and the environment in which you are taught.  For example, the quantity and quality of lectures, seminars and labs; the size and temperature of the rooms where teaching takes place; the equipment used in the delivery of your programme (such as PowerPoint presentations); and the length of time devoted to subject areas are all learning and teaching issues.

Here at UWS, we highly value student feedback and participation.  Below are some questions that may help when thinking about how issues affect your L&T experience.

  • Do you feel students have access to the decision making process?
  • Is the equipment used in the delivery of your programme adequate?
  • Is the teaching environment adequate?  Are the rooms in which you are taught suitable for your programme of study?
  • Do the assessment and feedback mechanisms suit the programme curriculum?
  • Do you feel staff resources are adequate?
  • Are the physical resources for your programme (such as library texts) sufficient?
  • Do you feel the existing quality mechanisms (such as Subject Health Review) enhance the quality of your programme?
  • Do you feel the programme equips you with an appropriate range of knowledge based transferrable skills?
  • Do you feel University policies are fair and adequate?
  • Is the social environment on your campus inclusive?

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