The information contained in the below is avaliable for you to download. If you need any assistance please contact the President of Sport & Wellbeing. Please note, these forms are not for use by societies. You can find links to society materials here.


Form Description
Team UWS Affiliation Form The affiliation form is required to be signed by 10 students in order for a sport or society to affiliate to Team UWS. (Any affiliated team before September 1st is also required to have a new form completed)
Team UWS Club Contact Details The affiliated club contact details form is also required to be submitted by a sport or society annually to comply with the Sports Union consitution. This allows the details of those clubs to be kept up to date and allow for an accurate record to be kept.
Team UWS Sport Sign Up Sheet The sport or society sign up sheet is used by a club at the freshers fairs to record the details of any new students who wish to take part in the activities of that club. Please be aware that you can also use the online system to sign up. 
SAUWS' Constitution 2016 SAUWS Constitution are the guidelines in which the Students' Association runs by and by which members of the Students' Association (the students') are guided by in regards to the Association.
Sports Union Constitution The Sports Union Constitution is what guides the members of sports and societies at SAUWS and what guides the governence of the Sports Union by the Sports President and Sports and Societies Executive.
Team UWS Membership Application Every person within a team is required to submit one of these forms, along with appropriate payment for their membership
Team UWS Grant application form  This form is to apply for further grant funding for your sports club. It includes guidance to help you complete the form. 
Team UWS Fund withdrawal Form This form is to be used to withdraw funds, or to pay for items/equipment etc that your sports club needs. 



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