Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and administration of the Students Association.  The Trustees on the Board are legally and financially responsible for the Students’ Association and its activities. The Board ensures that the Students’ Association remains legally compliant, financially stable and has robust future planning. The Board in conjunction with the Association’s senior staff team also set the strategic goals for the organisation.  You can find out more information about the Board and its make up below.

Board Make up

The Board of Trustees has 12 members:

  • 4 External Trustees who are appointed via the appointments committee. External Trustees can sit on the board for a single term for a maximum of four years.
  • 4 Student Trustees who are appointed by the appointments committee. Student Trustees must be current students at UWS and can sit on the Board for a year. They can do this for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
  • 4 Sabbatical Officers, who are elected by the student body in a cross campus election. You can find out more information regarding the sabbatical officers by clicking here. Sabbatical officers sit on the Board for the duration of their terms in office. They can stand for a maximum of two terms.
  • The Sabbatical Officer who is elected as the Senior Student Representative also becomes the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Click here to view the job description for this role.

Sub Committees

Our constitution allows the Board to have three sub committees which support its work. These are:

  • Appointments Committee
  • Finance & Resources Committee
  • Remuneration & HR Committee

Current Trustees

List of Trustees:

Name Role
Heather Armstrong (Chair)


President of Societies & Citizenship (Sabbatical Officer)

Senior Student Rep

John Black President of Education (Sabbatical Officer)
Johnathan Cranstoun President of Sports & Wellbeing (Sabbatical Officer)
Lisa McCusker President of Student Support (Sabbatical Officer)
Martyn Cosh Student Trustee (Resigned)
Vacant Student Trustee
Vacant Student Trustee
Vacant  Student Trustee
Mark McRitchie

External Trustee

Vacant External Trustee
Vacant External Trustee
Vacant External Trustee

More information

If you would like any more details, please contact the SAUWS office using our contact details. You can also view the charities constitution here.

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