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Introducing Emma

Hi, my name is Emma and I am your student president for 2018/19. I have previously represented UWS students as Vice-President of Education, SAUWS Disabled Officer (2015-17) and as a Student Representative. As VP Education I worked on a variety of projects including my manifesto points of student rep improvements, lecture capture and assessment & feedback.


I have been at UWS since 2013 and graduated with an honours degree in Applied Bioscience and Zoology in 2017 before starting as VP Education. During my time at UWS I have been involved in various events through university and got the chance to visit a university in America to gain an understanding of what university is like in other countries.


Emma's Objectives

  • Continue to campaign for student funding over the long summer break for everyone. Financial difficulty has accounted for students having to drop out of University and places additional stress on achieving education goals.

  • Conducting a review of Graduation fees across Scotland to look into the value for money UWS students are receiving. Also, why students who graduate ‘in absenta’ have to pay the same fee as those who attend the ceremony.

  • Carry out research into the number of paid and unpaid hours of work UWS students take part in during the trimester. Also, evaluate the impact this has on student’s studies and ability to participate in the wider university experience.

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