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Introducing Margo

My name is Margo MacMillan and I am your elected Vice-President Education (2018-2019). I am here to support students, so you are my top priority. My plan is to work with you at as my occasions and opportunities as I can. I want to be your voice when you need me. So, how am I going to do that?

Well, I have been a student just like you for four years and I understand the journey can be great but, difficult at times. I will try my best to travel to different campuses and meet you in different ways and in talking to you I can identify any issues you may have. Then I will feedback to the Students’ Association and University committees and ofcourse, back to you, in order to hopefully improve your experience at University.

Margo's Objectives

  1. Improve the current class representative system as there are different things going on depending what campus and school you are in. I want to try and identify the best practice and work with other schools to replicate this, to ensure that you all have equal access to school meetings etc.

  2. Improve online resources for current students to access information and guidance on the Class Rep system. This will enable students to access online training and also create open forums where support is available if you have any queries regarding Class Rep issues.

  3. Improve information links for students to access SAUWS advice and support throughout each school. This will hopefully help you to know who to contact if you need support for example in attending disciplinary meeting and appeals.


I have identified these as priorities, however, my main plan is to work with you on an on-going basis, to identify more as you will be the experts this year!

I look forward to meeting you at Freshers, Inductions and Class-Representative training sessions and wherever I can.

Goodluck with your studies and please contact me anytime between Monday and Friday. As you can see below my diary is available, so you know if I am

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