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Introducing Lisa

Hi, my name is Lisa McCusker and I am the President of Student Support here at SAUWS. I have already been part of SAUWS for the past 2 years as general staff and 1 of those years as the Vice President of our Volleyball team at Team UWS. I am to be the primary representative on all matters relating to student support, in addition to being responsible for all matters related to students’ welfare.

My role as a sabbatical officer covers all five of our UWS campuses and my main aim is to alleviate student poverty.

Lisa's Objectives

Over the course of this year I am looking to increase the amount of money we receive for our Hardship Fund. The hardship fund is an emergency fund which we can use to help students who find themselves in need of acute financial assistance. With an ever increasing number of students plus our new campus in London, more money is needed.

I want to organise various workshops to help students with budgeting and learning how to get the most out of their money with cheaper meals that are easy to make and healthy. In addition to this I am looking at organising a few employability workshops along with job fairs around the times that businesses are looking to hire.

I want to have a board available on every campus where local businesses can post available jobs.
I plan to continue campaigning for financial support over the summer for our students and also continuing the Paws Against Stress events as I feel they are very successful and drastically reduced the stress levels of all the students and staff that took part in the previous events.


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