We are pleased to announce that the following students have been elected to represent their fellow students! To get more detail about results for each position please click on the position name. 


BCI School Officer – Michelle Heike Vogler and Kyrillos Bouzos

BCI Accounting, Finance, and Law Division – James Jennings and Gordon Lawrie

BCI Marketing, Innovation, Tourism, and Events Division – Sanni Pulkkinen and Michelle Heike Vogler

BCI Media Development Division – Elle Wagstaffe (Withdrawn) and R.O.N

BCI Management, Organisations and People – Saqib Raza (Withdrawn) and Claire Imrie

BCI Arts Division – Zeblehi Jean Philippe Tchicaya and R.O.N


CEPS School Officer – Jordan Williams and Ellie Gomersall

CEPS Engineering – Jordan Williams and Stella Tokode

CEPS Computing Division – Gideon Currie and David Richard Laffan

CEPS Physical Sciences Division – No representatives due to ineligible candidates

ESS School Officer – Lauren Kerr and Pritpal Kalsi

ESS Education Division –  Emma-Louise Forrest and Emmanuel Kapizionis elected in a by election

ESS Psychology and Social Work Division – Alec Uhlenbrock (Withdrawn) and Adriana Lucas Manzanares

ESS Social Science Division – Virginia Arena and Kirsty Hill elected in a by election


HLS School Officer – Nikola Zlatanov Zlatev and Samir Ahmed Fernandez (Withdrawn)

HLS Adult Nursing and Health Care Division – Adele Cantley and Miriam Ezumezu

HLS Mental Health Nursing and Integrated Practice Division – Gary Fyfe and Connor Stokes

HLS Midwifery with Specialist Nursing Division – Roslyn McGarry

HLS Sport and Exercise Division – Nikola Zlatanov Zlatev and Jan Jochman

HLS Biological Sciences with Health Division – Louise Simmons and Rebecca McAleney

Doctoral College Board Members – Rachid Hallouz and Mojola Alabi

REAC Members – Mohammed Najib Almas and Ayodele Adetuyi


If you want to know more about how the voting system works you can watch this helpful NUS video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2adUzBbS7X8&feature=youtu.be

If you have any questions or queries you can get in touch with sabina.lawrie@uws.ac.uk


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